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Symbolism in Satanism (and DPJS redesign, contd.!) [Oct. 26th, 2010|03:10 pm]

[Current Location |Salisbury, UK]
[music |"Colours" by Sisters of Mercy]

I am redesigning www.DPJS.co.uk (I haven't touched it much for 10 years!), and this means going through every page and editting it, and porting the content into the content-management database that I've written. Anyway, I thought I'd post an example of my new pages on this group, although I write so much I hope it's not bad etiquette to post the page's menu rather than try to squeeze all the text into LJ! Does anyone want any particular area of symbolism listed that I haven't put on there yet?

The contents of "The Symbolism of Satanism" by Vexen Crabtree (2010) is now:

  1. The Symbols of Satanism
    1. The Sigil of the Baphomet and the Inverted Pentacle
    2. The Four Crown Princes Of Hell
    3. Satan
    4. Hell
  2. Shock Factor
    1. Let's Put Off as Many Sheeple as We Can
    2. Think! Transcending Culture
    3. The Disadvantages
  3. Lesser Symbols Used in Satanism (contd.)
    1. Fascist Imagery
    2. The Inverted Cross
    3. The Moon
    4. Individual Choice: The Symbols of Rebellion, Counterculture, Halloween and Others
  4. Conclusions
As other pages are updated further paragraphs will be added to this page (on, for example, the Trident). One main area I'm considering adding are a few traditional things like the alchemical symbol for Brimstone, Anton LaVey's personal symbol (the lightning & pentacle).
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~* i hope u all know that ur gonna go 2 hell!! *~ [Nov. 10th, 2009|12:25 am]

[music |50 cent - p.i.m.p.]

ummm, if u don't worship the devil then y do u call urselves satanists? satan is clever + he has tricked u all in2 thinking that ur not worshiping him when u really are!

LOL, i bet ur the same ppl who think earth is more than 2,009 yrs old + that science is real! MORONS!

well ur all gonna be damned to spending an eternity in the lake of fire! u all might say that hell is more fun than heaven but ur wrong b/c hell is full of rooms of stuff u don't like n when u die satan makes u live there! 4ever+ever+ever+ever!!

well since jesus loves me n i'm doing his work i'm inviting ne1 who wants 2 change their satanic wickan ways + beg 4 god's 4giveness + his mercy!

he will never leave u nor 4sake u!

PRAISE B 2 JESUS!!! <33333333
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The White Candle Subject [Sep. 13th, 2009|06:06 pm]

LaVey's original intent in using the white candle at the right of the altar was to represent the hypocrisy of the left hand path, or self-denial. I like it. I think the right hand path is both of those things. It serves as a structural representation in ritual of my belief that it is better to embrace my humanity.

To replace it LaVey began using the white skull candle in revenge rituals. As a matter of official ritual of the church of Satan, I feel that the previous concept was more 'positive'. The former represents life-affirmation and philosophical intellect whereas the latter represents death in vengeance rituals. But I think that death is, objectively speaking and in the realms of the strong, the incorrect focus. The rituals and vengeance in Satanism are all meant to be life-affirming (for me, not the enemy who is making it difficult for me to live life).

I'm not saying that using the skull or other images of death in Satanic ritual is unSatanic. But it isn't ideal characteristically, by my reckoning. It isn't representative of the Satanic religion's ideal of celebrating strength and indulging weakness. The COS's explanation leaves me wanting and if they could call it a matter of indulging aesthetic weakness I wouldn't really have a problem. Weakness should be indulged with self-awareness and that is what is missing here.
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The Satanic Apache Artist [Apr. 27th, 2009|01:08 pm]

The right Left Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba has put out his memoir. I've been waiting for this, especially as I cannot locate his art book or... anything else by him anymore. Except for the one CD and the documentary I bought. Edit: After a quick look, the CD seems to be available again on the website.
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Hail Satan [Dec. 5th, 2008|02:45 pm]
I realize this community is pretty dead but I joined anyway...as I worship Satan..
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Performance with Steven Leyba in NOLA,11/18 [Nov. 5th, 2008|01:10 pm]

I'll be performing with fellow artist and author Rev Steven Leyba www.stevenleyba.com in NOLA.The event is Nov 18th Doors open 8pm...Showtime 9:30pm.
It will be held at The Big Top Art Gallery located at 1638 Clio Street, New Orleans, LA, 70130.
The admission is going to be $5
The event is hosted by Khristina
Ugly Art Dolls
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Satanic Symbols: The Baphomet and the Pentacle [Sep. 26th, 2008|08:15 pm]

[Current Location |Monchengladbach, Germany]

I've re-written an old (2001) text:

"Satanic Symbols: The Baphomet and the Pentacle" by Vexen Crabtree (2008)

Got a few facts & dates about historical usages of the point-up (boo!) and point-down (rar!) pentacle, and a little intro to the Sigil of the Baphomet.
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The Problem of TSB Binding [Aug. 31st, 2008|01:26 pm]

[music |KoRn: Greatest Hits Vol. 1]

It's a common complaint that the binding of The Satanic Bible, as well as Rituals and Witch, begin a severe disintegration rather quickly. My copies are no exception. I'm considering having them re-bound. In leather, or fake leather, perhaps.

Out of curiosity has anyone else here considered doing this, or had it done? Know any good, willing companies?

I've seen some ragged-ass copies of TSB, for sure. Copies barely held together.
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random question of the day... [Aug. 29th, 2008|01:13 pm]

[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Aural Apocalypse Podcast]

Do you consider forms of divination like tarot cards to be useful? Or do you think they are a waste of time?

I wonder if acknowledging something like fate is really that Satanic.

Personally I think it's just another way to "objectively enter a subjective state" as LaVey might have said.
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Why I, the Satanist, Can Relate to Pagans Well Enough (A beginning, a middle, an end) [Jun. 8th, 2008|02:24 pm]

He is coming through dust, sea and sand
And he is coming from the Ancient Lands
Angel of Light, and Lord of the Sacred Flame
A liberator to free you from your shame

Ride out and set the slaves all free
Fill our souls with your love and with your ecstasy

He is Osiris, and he is also Pan
And he is god, but he is also man
He has come from Heaven and of Earth
A god of lust, of music and of mirth

Ride out and set the slaves all free
Fill our souls with your love and with your ecstasy
Break the chains of the last two thousand years
Save us from hate
Save us from fear

Oh, great horned god, we have not forgotten you
Oh, great horned god, we have not forsaken you
Oh, great horned god, we have not denied you
Oh, great horned god, we have not defied you
(Inkubus Sukkubus - Lord of the Flame)

In my case, the combination of fertility based imagery, passion, ecstasy, along with the Egyptian reference a religion which I study with great interest, really speaks to me. Need I mention the "Horned God" and these lines:

He is Osiris, and he is also Pan
And he is god, but he is also man
He has come from Heaven and of Earth
A god of lust, of music and of mirth

Now, if a certain author is to be believed, the difference between neo-Satanists (or just Satanists, of LaVeyan ideal that is, from a post-religious stand-point) and Pagans is that Pagans revere nature and we live it, live it for our own agendas in a self-centered way, not giving a thought to participating and improving the world at large. Essentially. In the same paragraph, he says, Pagans live in peace and harmony with nature and that's also part of the difference; I say that must, must be a joke although I know it isn't. Satanists live in peace and harmony with nature, not precisely in the way he's talking about in that certain context (the dominating thought in Pagandom), but Satanists live in peace and harmony most essentially so. So essentially, so deeply, so nuanced that it's impossible for some to peak from behind their guilt-ridden blinders that are so adamantly adhered down to the very bone.

The other thing is, Pagan symbols being so human and the Christian religion being so anti-human and using Pagan symbols as propaganda against their converts to boot... well, you can see. The very crux of the Christian mythology ends up villanizing human nature so clearly, ironically, and thus the birth of Satanism as defined by Anton LaVey. The attitude comes from Judaism and Islam and is often enough even more bluntly defined there. http://youtube.com/user/IslamicCenterHalifax (see also: Islam for Dummies, the Koran).

The most radical in nature and yet so common myth is that Satan (and Iblis and Lucifer) wants you to doubt God's teachings, his existence because he's dedicated to that which they define as evil. Which is where we get the anti-atheist sentiment from the Christian fundies. Before some apologist brings up extremists etc. I can clearly see that evil, for some, is more nuanced than the typical Christian fundie would say. Which supports my point just fine. LaVey never even mentioned any of this in his Satanic bible and focused simply on commonly-held Christian theology. But I, through my own study and experience with (even rather liberal) Muslims, have found the case to be even more expansive and still the same answer remains. (I love living in this city).

The Last Poets - Niggaz Are Scared of RevolutionCollapse )

(If you haven't learned by now, I like to express myself by showcasing my favorite music, often music that has some not-so-hidden Satanic meaning, inadvertently, of course. Black music does something for me, on a base level, as I'm a Quadroon racially speaking.)

Speaking of Malcolm X. You know why I like him? He's an icon of the black liberation movement, of the revolution, of the 'left hand path' of the revolution. He was a socialist, a communist, whatever you want to call it, for sure. But he was a pragmatic communist. He knew that the majority would never destroy the free nation they'd made in order to accommodate his agenda and so ("By any means necessary") he advocated separatism, defined as racism by his own peers! And we're back to that fucked up definition of racism that's been going around the intellectual Blacktivist and White Guilt circles as of late in a disturbingly still, slow progression. A truly racist ideology, at that. Malcolm X didn't waste a lot of time peddling that shit, though he believed in it, and embraced a more practical solution. He also emphasized individual responsibility to a surprisingly and interesting degree. His peers would have called this cognitive dissonance, or something like that, but he was raising up people and trying to get them to raise themselves up in a rather Satanic way. All because he knew in his heart that his most radical ideals would never take shape.

And who knows? Maybe there was cognitive dissonance in another way. Deep down, maybe his humanity, his carnal nature was conflicting with a cancerous weakness also living within him.

One thing is for sure, he was passionate, charismatic and perceptive enough to get what he strove for; he knew people, especially most black people, and how to use that. If he wasn't assassinated in his prime he would probably have done some very great things for us, still masked behind his inane ideals as usual (and I don't mean the white devil stuff; he let that one go eventually). He did, after all, abandon that moronic Nation of Islam. And the NOI still has the nerve to honor him, by the way, after the circumstances of his disengagement. In the same way, black people today still speak of Malcolm and MLK as if they were equals, as if they weren't in conflict. The fact that he, from the shadows, supported much of MLK's efforts not withstanding they were still very different men and certainly not equals.
Read more...Collapse )
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