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The Problem of TSB Binding [Aug. 31st, 2008|01:26 pm]


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It's a common complaint that the binding of The Satanic Bible, as well as Rituals and Witch, begin a severe disintegration rather quickly. My copies are no exception. I'm considering having them re-bound. In leather, or fake leather, perhaps.

Out of curiosity has anyone else here considered doing this, or had it done? Know any good, willing companies?

I've seen some ragged-ass copies of TSB, for sure. Copies barely held together.

[User Picture]From: christ_in_a_grl
2009-11-10 05:50 am (UTC)
well if u were a christian u would c that the bible never gets worn out + will never fail u..
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[User Picture]From: consortofvenus
2009-11-10 06:56 am (UTC)
But, you know, as an atheist the bible does fail to meet my standards for truth. So your suggestion would seem to be a moot point.
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[User Picture]From: christ_in_a_grl
2009-11-10 07:30 am (UTC)
i'm just saying that if my religion has better quality binding then just think of how much awesomer jesus is then that loser satan!
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From: hi_jinks
2010-10-20 08:38 am (UTC)

awesomer cheesus

The Satanic bible has nothing to do with Satan, persay..as a Christian, you should know that "Satan" is Hebrew for "adversary", and "accuser"..Satanists are people who opposed conventional fairy-tale religions like Christianity and accuse you proselytizing good-guy badgers of being full-of-it hypocrites who, in your own fear of death are willing to believe anything..but Christians' faith is so shaky that they are unwilling to expose themselves to anything historical that isn't Christian (secular) because they'd have to come to grips with the truth that Christianity (neo-Judaism) is based entirely on Paganism and isn't the absolute truth but has evolved over the centuries into a much different creature than it began as.. And, over the years, the modern concept of "Satan" has evolved into who people think he is today..he used to be depicted as being blue to represent cold, meaning the absense of God. sure a lot of Holy Bibles seem to have a better binding than The Satanic Bible..Christianity is a big tax exempt money making industry collecting tithes and accepting donations. Zondervan, like Avon is published by Harper Collins..so, the same company basically publishes The NIV Bible and The Satanic Bible. Satan may be a loser, as are all the key players in your made-up religion. ;-)
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From: hi_jinks
2010-10-20 08:22 am (UTC)

Leather-Bound Satanic Bibles

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